Stop Smoking Pill Chantix

Nov. 21, 2006 – There are number of methods available to stop smoking such as nicotine replacement therapies, patches and other new techniques coming out the whole way.

According to sources, smoking harms almost every organ causing bladder, lung, oral and throat cancers, chronic lung cancers, coronary heart and cardiovascular disease and other cervical, kidney and pancreatic cancer. In the year 2005, studies show that 45.1 million adult smokers in the U.S. want to quit out of which 70% said that they wish to quit.

A new prescription medication, Chantix, works by reducing a smoker’s craving and withdrawal. If a person smokes while taking Chantix, it can potentially diminish the sense of satisfaction. It’s already been shown to have a 44% success rate after three months. At the one-year mark, Chantix reportedly has a 22% success rate, versus 16% for Wellbutrin, according to sources.

“Chantix blocks the action of nicotine in your brain. And by doing that, it is giving you a little sense of satisfaction that the patient would normally get from the cigarette smoke,” according to sources.

Even if your insurance doesn’t cover it, Chantix only costs about four dollars a day, cheaper than most cigarettes.

Most people stay on Chantix for twelve weeks and it is not an antidepressant, which is what the other stop smoking drug, Zyban is. So if you have tried that, Chantix is not even in the same class of drugs.

Some tobacco stats
1. Every day 6,000 youth try cigarettes.
2. In 2006, there will be about 174,470 new cases of lung and bronchus cancers in the United States — 92,700 male and 81,770 female. Approximately 162,460 will die — 90,330 male 72,130 female.

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