Strategic Purchasing Unit Adopts Free Sourcing Tools

Nov. 15, 2006 – WILLOW GROVE, Pennsylvania – November 14, 2006 – London’s Hillingdon Borough recently used’s Reverse Auction feature to source furniture and achieved “a 50% savings over current prices” said Peter Webb the Borough’s E-Procurement Manager. Hillingdon is London’s second largest borough that employs 3000 people and has an annual budget of $269 million.

Millions of potential companies can now benefit from WhyAbe’s Free Reverse Auction and Free RFX tools offered on its commerce site, Here is Mr. Webb’s complete review:

“The London Borough of Hillingdon Strategic Purchasing Unit has begun adopting e-auctions as a key sourcing tool to gain significant cost reduction, and had recently run a series of auctions that delivered an average of 33% savings over current pricing. We had been using a market leading service provider to run these auctions but we felt that we wanted more control over the process via the ability to set up the auction tool, enable the suppliers, and run the auction ourselves, with no outside assistance. We discovered WhyAbe by chance via an internet search and carried out two ‘dummy’ auctions utilizing their software, and were very impressed with the functionality and ease of use. We then proceeded to run a live auction for the supply of emergency furniture to the council. This is used to furnish Social Services accommodation for needy families at short notice. We had five suppliers participating. We set up the auction ourselves in about half an hour, trained all the suppliers using a phone link next to their computers over half a day, and ran the auction very successfully over half an hour, with automatic extensions which took the elapsed time to just over one hour. The suppliers found the system very easy to use and this was the first auction they had ever participated in. The auction delivered savings of 50%, yes 50%, over our existing prices. We will be running another auction on WhyAbe this month for Translation and Interpretation Services, and intend to use the WhyAbe RFP functionality to quote Special Needs Transport and Print Services on an ongoing basis across a small number of approved suppliers. We would have no hesitation in recommending WhyAbe for RFP’s and auctions to any type of organization. It really is a free service but this does not mean that the quality of the product suffers, it is a robust and easy to use e-Sourcing tool that any Procurement function should be pleased to have in their armory”.

Most e-sourcing platforms require a large ramp-up period and/or a large deployment budget often mitigating any cost savings opportunities. WhyAbe is specifically designed to allow procurement professionals to do more in less time than conventional e-sourcing platforms. Buyers can easily monitor all of their activity through WhyAbe’s Dashboard feature which provides the history of all activity for all projects. This is especially important for companies that are trying to comply with Sarbanes Oxley. is an automated collaborative marketplace that can be used by any organization in any industry. Registering and using the site is free. Obtaining value from WhyAbe is instant. There is no software to install or PC’s to configure. A computer equipped with the latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox (download available free @ provides immediate access to the comprehensive and user friendly tool. WhyAbe provides the tools necessary for procurement professionals as well as retail buyers to control costs, manage performance, ensure compliance and quickly deliver value. WhyAbe was designed so users would have a quick learning curve, and recognize benefits immediately.

WhyAbe is the available for free on the web @

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