Striped Cat Press and Author S F Chapman Release New Genetic Engineering Science Fiction Novel – "Floyd 5.136"

Concord, CA, July 30, 2015 –(– Striped Cat Press and author, S F Chapman are pleased to announce the of their science fiction novel, “Floyd 5.136,” which is a thought-provoking genetic engineering story.

Who was she?

Floyd stared with great interest at the slumbering young woman as she was slowly freed from the silky gray cocoon.

She was quite striking Floyd realized. But more importantly, she was the first new person to be generated in more than fifteen thousand years.

For eons, the strange fibrous life form known as “The Cotton” had regularly produced nearly innumerable copies of the same seven people. The group members lived rather ordinary lives and, when old age or accidents interceded, died ordinary deaths.

But Floyd and his companions always started out in the same very unusual and unhuman-like way as cocoon-bound twenty-five year old adults in full possession of their past memories.

Everything would change with the arrival of the intriguing young woman.

Floyd 5.136 is available in both print and ebook formats.

Book Details:
“Floyd 5.136″
The MAC Series, Book 1
By S F Chapman
Publisher: Striped Cat Press
Published: April 2015
ISBN: 978-0996223607
Pages: 302
Genre: Science Fiction, Genetic Engineering Fiction

About The Author:
After many years of work in the construction industry, S F Chapman returned to his long neglected passion for writing. A persistent reader of fiction, periodicals and science magazines with an extensive memory for interesting and obscure tidbits, the lifelong resident of the San Francisco Bay Area has just finished up composing eight novels in five short years.

He put his grand plan into effect during the summer of 2009 by writing a science fiction novel called “Floyd 5.136.” This innovative first project is an often-frightening tale of human clones from the mid twenty-first century unwittingly trapped in a strange world in the far future. Since then he has completed a gritty drama entitled “On the Back of the Beast” about a huge earthquake that destroys much of Northern California.

Mr. Chapman has written two sequels to “Floyd 5.136” called “Xea in the Library of All Human Knowledge” and “Beyond the Habitable Limit.” His Science Fiction Detective/Adventure “Free City Series” currently consists of two volumes: “The Ripple in Space-Time,” and the recently published “Torn From On High.”

The author has also produced two literary fiction novels: “I’m here to help” about a series of minor deceptions and unremarkable errors that lead to a most extraordinary conclusion, the unintended adoption of a newborn girl and the newly completed novel about homelessness called “The Missive in the Margins.”

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