Subtle Green Announces Debut of Natural Facial Cleansers and Toners

Customizable skin care portfolio gets a boost with the addition of all-natural cleansers and toners.

Montreal, Canada, April 25, 2015 –(– Subtle Green, an all-natural skincare company specializing in customizable solutions, announced today the debut of their new, all-natural collection of Vienne Cleansing milk and Vienne Toning mist.

“Cleansers and toners round out the skincare routine, enhancing the effects of our lush moisturizers,” said Chitra Desikan, co-founder of Subtle Green.

The cleanser collection features multiple light and natural options, with aromatherapy benefits. They are designed to work on people with all types of skin that seek a natural solution to cleaning skin, including those with very sensitive skin. The toning mists feature the light moisturizing qualities of floral hydrosols and non-alcoholic astringents that tone skin without causing irritation.

“Cleaning skin with simple, yet powerful botanicals without harsh detergents or alcohol goes a long way toward ensuring all day comfort,” said Chitra Desikan. “What’s more, these cleansers are also customizable in keeping with Subtle Green’s mission to provide customizable skincare. You can choose to convert your cleanser into an exfoliating facial scrub by adding natural botanical exfoliators. Or, even add ingredients to absorb more oil if you’ve got very oily skin. We believe that beauty is personal and we want to give our customers the means to personalize their product so it works for them.”

About Subtle Green
Subtle Green Ltd., founded in 2013 is a boutique firm that provides fresh skincare solutions made with pure botanicals and delivered with elegance. Subtle Green’s main market differentiator is an innovative method that allows customers to customize moisturizers with ease, through an informed process. Customer-designed products are made fresh, upon order. Subtle Green also provides a collection of specialty and luxurious moisturizer products that customers can choose from.

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