SuccessImage Announces Full Range of Executive Quality Chair Mats

Dec. 19, 2006 – SuccessImage has now introduced a line of hardwood laminate chair mats that are virtually indestructible. The chair mats are manufactured from a single piece of high density laminate material that is guaranteed to out-perform and out-last any plastic or vinyl chair mat material available today.

The product line includes both a rectangular series as well as a more traditional “T” shaped series. This traditional shape includes a lip intended to extend beneath a desk or work surface, avoiding work surface legs or pedestals. Both series are available in four sizes that fit almost any office arrangement. The line of hardwood chair mats and the available configurations can be viewed on-line at–Hardwood-Chair-Mats–ChairMats.

While most chair mats in use today exhibit cracking or wear through, these chair mats are so robust they carry a full 10 year warranty. The rigid material is manufactured with a beveled edge design and is finished in a choice of wood finishes including cherry, oak and walnut. The durable finishes resist scratches, burns, impacts and stains. And, unlike many alternatives, the material resists damaging static electricity buildup.

“These really are the ultimate chairmats”, said Garnet Bailey, President of SuccessImage. “They look good, last forever and add an elegant touch of class to any office environment, whether modern or traditional”, he added.

“And, they will perform equally well over any surface, whether carpet, vinyl, hardwood or ceramic without damaging those surfaces. With a smooth, obstruction free surface this chair mat makes any user in any type of rolling chair feel like an executive!” said Bailey.

The smooth, comfortable rolling surface is achieved in part by including unique underside rubber padding. This padding both conforms to the underlying surface as well as protects that surface from damage. The company notes that for highly irregular surfaces, optional additional rubber padding can be added during manufacture to ensure optimum performance.

Each chairmat is hand made and fully inspected and tested to ensure the highest quality. Each mat is individually packaged and shipping to anywhere in the continental US via common courier, usually within 1 week of order. Additional information can be found on the chair mat section of the SuccessImage web site at–Hardwood-Chair-Mats–Cha….


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