Sungale Partners with Twice to Bring Awareness to the "Connected Home" Category

Sungale and Twice partner to issue a new “connected home” E-Newsletter to electronic industry professionals with hopes of bringing more awareness to this emerging category and to Sungale branded products.

Chino, CA, May 21, 2015 –(– Sungale, the new age electronics manufacturer and the pioneer of the Connected Home Screen known as the Cloud Frame just reached out to the industry trade publication giant, Twice, to partner and bring more awareness to the “Connected Home” category through the launch of the “Connected Home E-Newsletter.” Through this partnership, Sungale also hopes to bring more awareness to the Sungale brand and its products.

Twice is known as a trade Magazine and publication leader in the Electronics Industry, with many who consider it to be number one for retailers, buyers and industry professionals. “Twice is a magazine publication and news source that concentrates on the electronics industry. Their industry involvement helps boost business and awareness across all electronic categories. When I think about Industry Trade Publications, Twice is the one that comes to my mind first,” Debbie Zhang, COO of Sungale explained. “I feel like this partnership will be amazing for us and help bring more awareness to the Connected Home category and to Sungale as being an innovative product manufacturer,” Debbie added.

Knowing that Twice is so influential to the industry, Ningjun Sun, Sungale’s President and CEO expressed, “I am excited to setup a partnership between Twice and Sungale in the connected home category.”

Being one of the top sources for industry news and information for industry professionals, Antonio Abbondanza, National Sales Manager of Sungale, had this to say, “Industry Leaders have confided in Twice as their go-to CE resource for almost a decade. So when the opportunity came for us to partner with Twice to launch our Cloud Frame and raise more brand awareness for Sungale in the Connected Home category, moving forward was a no brainer.”

The Connected Home concept is an emerging field in the industry and Sungale hopes to bring more light to what a connected home device is. “Personally, my feeling is that ‘connected home’ is a technical trend which will create a lot of business with different combinations of various connectable devices in accordance with the regulations of IoT (Internet of Things)” explained Ningjun Sun. “By partnering with Twice to bring the ‘Connected Home’ e-Newsletter to the industry, we hope to clarify and improve the product assortments for this emerging category,” Ningjun Sun added.

One device Sungale has big plans for in the Connected Home category is their Cloud Frame. “For a connected home device, it needs to have a central control center.” Ningjun Sun explained. “A control center can be a smart phone, tablet, computer or our Cloud Frame. From this point, all devices in the home can be controlled and linked over the internet such as Security Systems, A/C, Lighting, Health Monitoring or appliances like refrigerators and microwaves.” Ningjun Sun added.

From the Twice VP/Publisher Ed Hecht:

“TWICE is excited to be launching ‘The Connected Home’ later today — a new eNewsletter for those needing to know more about Smart Home technologies.

“And to help the launch, we are pleased to be partnering with Sungale, the premier designer and manufacturer of consumer electronics, smart devices, and innovative products for home, office, and personal use. We are thrilled Sungale has chosen TWICE and “The Connected Home” to bring awareness to itself as a company that always strives to showcase the best and most innovative electronics in both the consumer and business side of the spectrum.

“‘The Connected Home’ is a weekly eNewsletter that will have content curated by the Editors of TWICE and bring perspective to this important growing category. Joining our other eNewsletters — TWICE eDaily, eWearnow and eRetailer Weekly — the TWICE suite of eNewsletters reaches over 30,000 opt-in subscribers. They turn to TWICE as the most trusted resource of content in the consumer technology space.

“I encourage you to sign up for “The Connected Home” and our other eNewsletters. Also, please visit to learn more about our newest partner, Sungale.”

About Sungale:

Sungale is a premier designer and manufacturer of consumer electronics, smart devices, and innovative products for home, office, and personal use. With more than 10 years of industry experience, we are proud to offer a wide range of new age products and unique electronics as we remain committed to staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technology by keeping pace with the newest industry innovations.

Our unique products are known for their durability, quality, and affordability. We make sure that we always keep user satisfaction in mind when we design and manufacture our line of new age electronics.
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