Supranatural Rx Launches Non-stimulant Fat Burner, Sesamin Rx

Dec. 2, 2006 – “Sesamin Rx is not a stimulant, so it will not behave like a stimulant,” says Ryan Johnson, director of research and development for Supranatural Rx. Johnson has previously done R&D and consulting work for Biotest Laboraties, Avant Labs, Gaspari Nutrition and Kilosports. He holds a B.A. in behavioral science from Loyola Marymount University/California State, Dominguez Hills, with ongoing study in endocrinology and psychopharmacology for the past six years.

“Stimulants release catecholamines – adrenaline-like fight or flight hormones which cause many people to experience side effects, such as elevated blood pressure and heart rate, as well as anxiety,” Johnson says. Since sesamin is not a stimulant; Sesamin Rx is a alternative for both the avid fitness individual and/or anyone interested in lowering their body fat and increasing overall health.

Richard Tong, M.D. says, “I have began taking Sesamin Rx and am most interested in its cardiovascular benefits.” Research shows that sesamin creates a better lipid profile by increasing the ‘good cholesterol’ HDL and reducing the ‘bad cholesterol’ LDL. And, as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, Sesamin Rx may also protect the body through periods of stress.

After adding Sesamin Rx to their current diet and exercise program, several consumers have found that they “look leaner and have more muscle definition,” as stated by Laura Vance, Ph.D. candidate from Beverly Hills, CA. Even serious athletes have reaped the benefits of Sesamin Rx, including Evan Mathis, NFL Offensive Lineman from Charlotte, NC. “I started taking Sesamin Rx in preparation for NFL training camp and in just five weeks my body fat dropped from 16 percent to 12 percent at 301 lbs,” Mathis says.

Compared to other weight-loss products and supplements, Johnson notes that Sesamin Rx exceeded his expectations. “There are several non-stimulant fat burners that work, but the effects are subtle. My experience indicates that Sesamin Rx combined with a healthy diet and exercise program offers significant results that are both rapid and profound.” For more information, please visit

Sesamin Rx is sold on Supranatural Rx’s Web site at, as well as numerous online retailers including and vitamin and sports nutrition stores throughout the United States.

About Supranatural Rx:
Supranatural Rx is a collective group of individuals driven by the scientific pursuit of health and wellness. Their purpose is to discover, develop and deliver safe, responsible and natural products that optimize health and improve quality of life. Headquartered in Redondo Beach, CA., Supranatural Rx’s advisory board includes forward-thinking medical and naturopath doctors and chiropractors dedicated to superior body performance and anti-aging. Products are tested on professional athletes at training facilities for their efficacy. In the future, Supranatural Rx plans to develop a mood-energy enhancer and a relax/sleep product.

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