Survey Reveals ProClip USA Customers Are Highly Satisfied and Enjoy Custom Fit of ProClip Products

Mobile accessory and mounting solution distributor ProClip USA has released new data collected from a customer survey, revealing high customer satisfaction and insights into customer buying choices.
The survey, completed in December, measured customer satisfaction and views of ProClip USA customers who had purchased within the last two years. The survey included questions about driver safety, convenience, organization and overall product satisfaction.
Results of the survey show the primary reason customers purchased a phone mount for their car was convenience. Of ProClip customers surveyed, 97% said they felt accessing their phone in the car is more convenient (for GPS, music, hands-free calling) with their ProClip mount.
Many vehicular accidents are caused by distracted drivers. Don Rankin, COO of ProClip USA, says, “More states are passing laws to restrict the use of mobile phones while driving. It’s important for us to understand how our products can help drivers abide by these laws and be more attentive drivers.”
ProClip mounts can help eliminate the distraction by keeping phones in a designated spot that is accessible for hands-free use in those states that allow it. The idea is to stop drivers from fumbling around with their phones while driving. Of ProClip customers surveyed, 86% said they feel they are a safer driver since installing their ProClip mount.
ProClip mounts are custom fit to the device being mounted and to the vehicle it is mounted in. Survey results revealed that the primary reason customers chose ProClip mounts over a competitor was custom fit of the product. Of those surveyed who had purchased a brand of car phone mount other than ProClip, 90% said ProClip was higher quality.
The survey also revealed high overall customer satisfaction. Of the customers surveyed, 97% were satisfied with their ProClip phone mount and 94% said they would purchase again within the next two years.
Rankin says, “A lot of what we do is driven by customer feedback. We receive a lot of comments from customers that call in, email or post on social media. This survey was important for us to collect and understand more comprehensive feedback from a larger group of customers.”
About ProClip USA
ProClip USA, Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor of ProClip retail, enterprise and in-vehicle mobile mounting solutions and accessories manufactured by Brodit AB. ProClip products are custom fit for virtually every vehicle model and handheld device available such as cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, navigation systems, satellite radios, two-way radios, barcode scanners and mobile computing.
Their secure and easy-to-install mounting solutions provide more enjoyable and safer driving experiences while keeping devices charged and within easy reach. To learn more, visit