Take the Test For Success

Nov. 16, 2006 – Take the Test For Success

Success is not taught in our schools. Many youngsters and adults do not know how to succeed. Sometimes it is lack of knowledge about themselves and what would make them successful. Many think that success means large financial rewards. Others think it means fame or celebrity status. There are those who think that they know what they want out of life but are either unrealistic about their chances to attain that dream or do not know how to get there. It is important that they learn to plan for success.
They must learn about who they are and what will make them successful, not in terms of wealth or fame, but through personal growth, satisfying careers, comfortable lifestyles and rewarding relationships.
Now there is a Test for Success. The Essential Elements for Success are discussed in a new website – http://www.usaSuccessStories.com. Here people can see how to think about success and how they can plan for success. It will give them much food for thought and help save much time and frustration. In addition, the site discusses the Secrets of Success of many highly successful people such as Albert Schweitzer, Barbara Jordan, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Robert F. Kennedy, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Alva Edison, Vince Lombardi, William Menninger et al.
Parents, grandparents, teachers and consultants can help others in the search for success by using these ideas. They can help youngsters and others seeking to succeed by taking the Test For Success which will help them reach their realistic goals.
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