Talking with Heroes Talk Show interviews Military Personnel in Iraq!

Talking With Heroes Talk Show Iraq Tour
Oct 19, 2006

Abilene, Texas, Bob Calvert, HOST of the Talking with Heroes Talk Show has returned from a two-week tour across Iraq with the Minnesota National Guard 134th Brigade Combat Team that resulted in eight weeks of One-Hour Talk Shows that will air over the worldwide internet beginning on Oct 22, 2006 at 5pm (pst).

Talking with Heroes Talk Shows took place in Balad, Iraq, Camp Anacanda, Camp Taquaddum, at a school in Tourist Town, Iraq, at Al Qaim near the Syrian Border and at Al Asad, Iraq.

Talk Shows guests included men and women from the Minnesota National Guard and Marines talking about the positives that are happening in Iraq.

One talk show took place at the grand opening of the Tourist Town School in Tourist Town, Iraq as a direct result of the Minnesota National Guard and Families back home. One of the guests on this talk show was the Principal of the School with his interpreter.

Some of the talk shows focused on the Iraqi Army Training program. Bob spent time with the Military Transition Team (MITT) at Al Qaim and saw first hand the incredible results of our brave men and women working side by side with the Iraqis. Bob had the opportunity to meet with Iraqis including Iraqi Army Officers.

The eight Iraq Tour Talk Shows will begin airing on the internet Oct. 22, 2006 at 5:00pm (PST) on and will continue airing over the next 8 weeks. Information on the talk show guests are in the website under “Talk Show Schedules”. Plans are being made to release these talk shows as DVD’s and possibly more.

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Bob Calvert, HOST
Talking with Heroes Talk Show

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