Tarkett Sports Launches Lumaflex in North America

Tarkett Sports as introduced Lumaflex, a popular indoor sports flooring system in Europe, to North America. Lumaflex is a combination system that has high shock absorption, uniformity, and versatility. It can be used as a surface for basketball, volleyball, aerobics, and many other activities. Lumaflex can also match the profile of recessed concrete, making it ideal for replacing old hardwood athletic flooring.

Calhoun, GA, May 13, 2015 –(PR.com)– Tarkett Sports has recently introduced Lumaflex, a combination system that can be used as an underlayment with many of Tarkett’s resilient athletic surfaces, including Omnisports, EcoPure, and Polyturf Plus Pad and Pour. Lumaflex consists of an interlocking system of 18 mm birch plywood (the most stable type of wood) installed over a shock-absorbing foam cushion. This foam provides force reduction properties and is also GREENGUARD Gold certified as a low-emitting building material; GREENGUARD is recognized by numerous rating systems, including LEED and CHPS.

Because Lumaflex is a combi-elastic system (it combines both point-elastic and area-elastic response) it provides Class 4 shock absorption (ASTM F2772) with an inherent uniformity of performance. Combination systems, such as Lumaflex, are widely used Europe for their high degree of shock absorption, but they are also utilized for the ease-of-maintenance which is associated with a resilient sports surface. For example, surfaces like Omnisports and EcoPure linoleum do not require refinishing, waxing, or protective covering when tables and chairs are used. This makes an athletic surface that is more versatile and less costly in regard to upkeep.

Lumaflex can also be installed to meet varying profile requirements by adjusting the thickness of the foam layer and the selection of a surface layer. This makes it a suitable flooring system for replacing existing hardwood athletic flooring. Instead of altering a recessed subfloor in a way that does not contribute to sports performance, Lumaflex can accommodate the existing recess without sacrificing shock absorption.

For more information about Lumaflex and other topics related to indoor athletic flooring, visit the Sports Flooring Guide section of tarkettsportsindoor.com or contact a Tarkett Sports representative at 888-364-6541.
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