Taylor, Ricci & Associates Collection Efforts Increase During This Season

Chatsworth, CA, May 01, 2015 –(PR.com)– Tax season is once again here and for the most part, a big percentage of people are planning to fulfill their financial obligations.

While some are prepping to go on a lavish shopping spree, take a vacation, buy a car or house, others are actually thinking about reducing their debts, especially those with high interest rates.

Those financially savvy individuals running businesses are most likely to think outside the box and say “a new car will make me happy today, but a healthy savings account will make me happy tomorrow.”

A well-known financial institution conducted a survey regarding tax refunds. They asked participants what they planned to do with their tax refunds. Their answers are as follows:

46% plan to use their return to free themselves from debt
22% plan to save their return for general use
15% plan to save their return for retirement
6% plan to use their return for general expenses
2% plan to use their return for vacation or travel

As stated above, 46 percent, nearly half of those polled plan to use their return to free themselves from debt! This, along with Taylor, Ricci & Associates model and proven recovery techniques, is the reason Taylor, Ricci & Associates efforts in this season are significantly higher! As a matter of fact, Taylor, Ricci & Associates have a name for this season: The PIF (Paid in full) season.

So be proactive at the peak time of our recovery from those receiving a tax refund. Taylor, Ricci & Associates have many debtors that are set to pay with their refund, so don’t leave yourself out in the cold when there is at least a 46% chance that they will pay you some if not all just of their return.

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