Tea – Healthy, Delicious yet Elegant as a Gift

Dec. 18, 2006 – Tea drinking in the United States is on the rise as people becomes aware of the health benefits of drinking tea. A daily cuppa provides antioxidants, contributes sufficient daily fluid target and it contains low caffeine levels. To attract more tea drinkers, Teacuppa has introduced two beautiful tea sets.

The Jade Pu Erh Tea Set comes with an elegant casing together with 5 pieces of small Pu Erh square cakes and a Jade necklace. According to Teacuppa, Pu Erh Tea is selected as the current market is crazy about Pu Erh, not only because it is a healthy drink but also as an investment. Pu Erh is said to improve as it ages.

While the Blooming Flower Tea Set is an artisic and creative handcrafted Flower Teas. Experience a cup of tea like never before. Drop a Flower Tea Blossom, by Teacuppa, in hot water and the handcrafted tea slowly unfurls, exposing a delicate flower sitting at the bottom of your mug. Watching the petals open as you sip adds a soothing aesthetic to tea time. Each Flower Tea is kept in a special shell case made using China silk. This tea set is packaged using a bamboo case, which is similar to the one used in Dim Sum Chinese restaurant to give it a Chinese or Asian appearance.

With tea being labelled as an ideal healthy beverage, there is no reason why not to choose tea as a gift to your loved ones. Giving family, friends, and associates the very best in tea for any special occasion is definately a great choice.

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