Teens Utilize updated ezPaycheck Payroll Software To Learn Business And Personal Banking Skills In School

The latest version of EzPaycheck payroll software from Halfpricesoft.com is now being utilized in high schools where students learn just how far a paycheck really goes. Students can now learn how to spend wisely and to choose their career path carefully.
“We never dreamed that ezPaycheck would be used in a classroom to teach teenagers valuable life skills,” said Dr. Ge, founder of Halfpricesoft.com. “We are thrilled that our payroll software can provide this benefit. We would like to make ezPaycheck available to other schools who want to implement a similar program.”
Students in the program receive a weekly or monthly paycheck printed via ezPaycheck that reflects the wage level of their chosen career. Students get to see what their take-home pay would be after deductions for taxes, health insurance and savings plans. Then they must pay virtual bills based on lifestyle choices they make, such as mortgage or rent and car payments. For many, the process is an eye-opening experience that demonstrates a need for frugality and gives them a greater understanding of how a college education could make a difference in their income and lifestyle.
EzPaycheck payroll software is ideal for school programs because teachers have the following features:
Set up virtual bank accounts
Print life-like checks (based on virtual funds)
Import data from Quickbooks, Quicken and similar accounting software
Create unlimited virtual businesses
Use with an unlimited number of students
Assign pay rates to students that reflect real-world wages for their chosen careers
Program deductions for taxes using actual federal, state and local tax rates (updated annually)
Program deductions for health insurance and savings plans
Schools and businesses can test drive ezPaycheck payroll software without cost or obligation. Whether test-driving it for use with a school programs or trying out features for use with a business, new customers can sample ezPaycheck payroll software and all of its features free for 30 days. Customers can download ezPaycheck at http://www.halfpricesoft.com. All features are included, along with a sample database for testing. For continued use beyond 30 days, a full-use license key can be purchased for just $89 per installation for the non-network version.
There is never a cost or obligation to test this low cost, high quality software application. Download at http://www.halfpricesoft.com/index.asp
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