Tequila has an Ancient Chinese Secret

Nov. 20, 2006 – Recent archeological and historical findings are backing up mysterious legends that mix the past of the mysterious elixir with Voodoo, the rise of civilization on the African continent and even the Ming Dynasty.

The latest discovery proves the newest tequila on the market, VOODOO TIKI TEQUILA (www.voodootiki.com), may reveal more than meets the eye. Packaged in hand made Mexican bubble glass, each bottle is deep etched and contains an actual hand blown glass Voodoo Tiki inside.

“For 21 to 45 year olds Voodoo Tiki Tequila was an instant hit, but many tequila old timers thought we were crazy giving our tequila a name that included a nod to the Oriental, Polynesian, and African tequila lore.” Explained Voodoo Tiki creator John Taddeo.

Until recently.

The legends had to start somewhere. Obviously the silent tequila waters run much deeper than originally believed. The rivers run quite deep. In the suburbs of Chengdu, there are two rivers that were excavated in ancient times — Fuhe River and Nanhe River. At the point these two rivers cross stands He Jiang Pavilion, close to which is Shui Jing Street, where an excavation team found remnants of a liquor distillery from the Qing Dynasty and another from the Ming Dynasty below that. An unusual round object was found at the Qing Dynasty site which archeologists concluded was used to produce tequila in China and that the old technology is very similar to the new. Further studies show that China had developed mature tequila distilling technology in the late Yuan Dynasty or early Ming Dynasty. There are three types of Chinese tequila — one is very fragrant, the other is only mildly scented and the third is soy-flavored.

“We don’t have soy sauce tequila”, Joked Taddeo. “However we do have Prickly Pear (known as Desert Rose), Lime (Green Dragon) and an incredible Blue Raspberry and Kiwi Mix known as Blue Dragon. Our infused tequilas have names with oriental origins in honor of the first known flavor infused tequilas recently discovered in China.”

Human remains dating back 9,000 years show the early uses of agaves for food and fiber. Although to date, no physical remains record when humans first learned to ferment the sap into an alcoholic drink. Numerous legends and stories continue to irk tequila researchers as they clearly refer to, or make mention of a tequila like beverage fermented in Africa over 1,000 years ago.

Lending further credence to these legends and tequila’s secret past is the well known, accepted and recorded fact that pulque, in the earliest written records, was already an ancient invention.

As time passes and we learn more about our history, clearly more information about tequila’s secret past will come to light. In the meantime, the tequila with the strange name which is based upon Chinese, African, Voodoo and Mexican legends may prove to be not so strange at all.

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About Voodoo Tiki Tequila
Voodoo Tiki Tequila is an Ultra-Premium tequila made from 100% Weber Blue Agave. Careful agave selection and slow fermentation and distillation processes lead to the sweet, vanilla like taste that has become the Voodoo Tiki Trademark flavor. The company also offers flavor infused tequilas in exciting and innovative flavors such as Blue Raspberry (Voodoo Tiki Blue Dragon), Lime (known as Voodoo Tiki Green Dragon) and Prickly Pear (Voodoo Tiki Desert Rose). Fans and tequila aficionados can learn more as well as get a personalized Voodoo Tiki TEQUILA UNIVERSITY diploma at www.voodootiki.com.

D.M. DeCunzo

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