The 20-20 Optical Store Revolutionises Traditional Eye Exams

Dec. 22, 2006 – Most of us are all too familiar with the standard eye test charts with ever decreasing letters and the weird and wonderful antique looking instruments used by optometrists to examine our vision.

Many people for instance have had to sit patiently in our chairs whilst an optometrist slides different lenses in and out of a heavy pair of frames, called a phoropter, whilst quizzing us about which lens gives us the clearest vision.

The trouble with these methods is that they are not very scientific, let alone comfortable and easy.

That’s why The 20-20 Optical Store, London’s award winning optician, only uses computerised methods to examine its patients’ eye sight.

Take for example the revolutionary NIDEK Tonometer which provides accurate lens refraction measurements in a matter of seconds, compared to conventional methods which usually take at least twenty minutes. Plus because the Tonometer combines a number of different tests, the patient does not have to move from one machine to another to get his/her eyes checked.

Although The 20-20 Optical Store is not the only place that uses computerised technology it is the only optician in the whole of Europe which can promise clients constant equipment upgrades to the very latest in NIDEK technology.
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