The Accountability Factor: Who Will Help Our Mothers In Need?

Dec. 20, 2006 – Let’s face it….people like free stuff. You probably know people who attend Home Shows and Expos and go from table to table with a bag and gather as many freebies as they possibly can. As consumers we are drawn to the word free. But, some people for a short while in their lives, NEED free stuff.
As a growing entity in Mayfield, KY the Lighthouse Children’s Home can provide this for women in need of putting their lives back “on track”.
A recent news article: Life Just Got Harder for Welfare Moms By Juliette Terzieff, Women’s eNews. Posted December 16, 2006. Stated: “Single mothers are the majority of those receiving welfare. New federal regulations will limit their time for education, time with children, or even domestic-violence counseling. Stiffer work and reporting requirements for the federal welfare program Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF, fail to recognize mothers’ needs for training, education and child care to make their families self sufficient, women’s advocacy groups say.”
“The new regulations are a continuation of the misguided ‘work first’ approach that has been the hallmark of welfare reform,” says Erin Mohan, public policy director for Washington-based advocacy organization, Women Work! “This strategy forces women into low-wage, low-skilled, dead-end jobs; jobs that don’t pay the bills and can’t support families.”
The Light House at 218 N 6th St Mayfield, KY 42066 (270) 247-9226 is doing just that. Providing training, education and counseling. What makes the Light House different than other facilities in the area? The staff at the Lighthouse believes in “paying it forward”. They have dedicated their lives, knowledge and resources to helping women and children in need. They have a long waiting list and very limited financial resources for their services.

Upon entry, each resident is evaluated and given a plan of action to get them back on their feet and into the community as a functioning, contributing member. There is a vision of success for all who join the program.

This writer has never met a group of people so dedicated to giving of themselves to others. They work multiple jobs and make personal sacrifices to keep the doors of the facility open from one month to the next.

Like all of us, these clients have a dream of winning the lottery and getting something for “free”. For now, they are all working hard to make their dreams come true. They are taking control of their lives. They’re laying the foundation for a brighter future and can see the road in front of them.

Dreams (and winning the lottery), can come true but only if you play. Help these women “play”. Don’t just read about the Lighthouse, come live the experience and commitment of the owners and staff. You will see what a difference you can make in the lives of many.

So, when you are deciding what to do with that one last donation that needs to be made for final 2006 tax write off, remember the Light House at 218 N 6th St Mayfield, KY 42066 (270) 247-9226.

— End —