The Accountability Factor: Who’s In Charge of Corporate Safety?

Dec. 20, 2006 – “When is Jane going to get me that report?”
“What is going on in marketing? When are they going to get us those new Sales Pieces?”
“I can’t believe John is so late in finishing that part of the project.”
“Okay….who dropped the ball this time?”
“That’s not MY job.”

Does this sound familiar? If so, your team may be faced with a very big challenge when it comes to accountability. This only results in finger pointing, frustration and broken trust. Corporate America seems to deal with some of this every day. Personal responsibility and accountability can put an end to the blame game. Not just in productivity but in the way of corporate safety for its employees. Saving your company thousands if not millions of dollars by increasing productivity, customer service and job satisfaction.

Think of any segment of your business – who’s responsible for individual employee safety. Who is responsible for Legal coverage if an employee gets hurt on the job and you, the corporation, didn’t provide some sort of safety and awareness training?!

Instead of waiting for that legal nightmare that is occurring in more court rooms these days, a newly launched company can provide you the needed training, for your employees, protecting you should an accident occur. Executive Defense Technology, LLC ( is a organization of men and women dedicated to breaking the cycle of violence. Their goal is to empower individuals to make effective personal safety choices. On-site programs for corporations, community organizations and schools will cover a wide range of personal safety skills. Starting with Awareness and avoidance skills and concluding with non-lethal deflection skills. Specific areas to be covered will include: analyzing use of force, control concepts and pressure point control to escape an attack if one should occur.

December 2006 Reports state that crime rates have soared considerably higher in 2006 than in 2005, specifically in the areas of burglary and rape. Why? And why are we all waiting for the police or the court system to save us? Why aren’t we standing up for ourselves?
Judo and karate classes are extremely popular especially among women. But, self defense isn’t about a sharp jab to the groin, it’s about using your head and avoiding the situation in the first place.
You might have imagined that every possible means of criminal action has been tried already. But never underestimate the human capacity for invention! Sign your employees up for a class today by calling 1-888-96B-SAFE. There’s currently a 10% discount for new corporate programs.
To Find Crime Stats for your city click below: Neighborhood Crime by City (

About the Author:
The author Kimberly Elliott is a marketing major and full time pharmaceutical representative. She is a wife, a mother of two, the CEO of a self defense training company that provides seminars, Private Investigative work and Corporate Safety Advice as well as a business partner of on-line safety, self defense and security products stores: AND

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