The Bodyguard Services of Beverly Hills – Expanding Their Reach Globally

Beverly Hills, CA, April 19, 2015 –(– The Bodyguard Services of Beverly Hills announced today that their full-service bodyguard and executive / personal protection services would now be offered worldwide. Previously, The Bodyguard Services of Beverly Hills focused primarily on placing highly trained bodyguards, executive / personal protection agents, chauffeurs and drivers throughout the United States and much of Europe.

In a recent board meeting, Chief Director of Operations, Robert Gavin, addressed the growing security needs of individuals traveling abroad. While business frequently takes individuals to hotbeds of violence and instability, a general lack of companies providing protective services outside of the United States has led many businessmen to contract with trained mercenaries, who are often as dangerous, or more so, than the threats in the countries they are traveling to. Robert Gavin urged the board to implement a strategy to provide bodyguard and protective services worldwide, irrespective of geographical location and the board agreed unanimously.

Effective immediately, The Bodyguard Services of Beverly Hills will be offering male and female, armed and unarmed bodyguards and personal protection services, as well as chauffeurs, drivers and other security-related personnel globally. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling to the Ivory Coast on business, Ukraine to visit relatives, or attending a political summit in Afghanistan or Iraq, the Bodyguard Services of Beverly Hills has qualified bodyguards, many with martial arts, elite military, and/or special ops training to ensure your safety every step of the way.
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