The Chance in a Lifetime for Authors

Nov. 9, 2006 – The request has been made for Rolling Seas Promotions to search for a Romantic Comedy to surpass all comedy movie productions released to date—and there are some unforgettable Box Office Hits such as ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Ghost’ released in 1990, ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ 2001, and ‘Shall We Dance’ 2004.

Rolling Seas Promotions are Publicists for Hollywood Movie Producer Michael Z. Gordon, and L.A. screenplay writer Daniel Guardino, along with producers Smith Glover and Chris Shea.

Four of Daniel Guardino’s eighteen screenplays have been ‘optioned’ with several scripts under consideration for future production. Daniel is currently writing the screenplay ‘Web of Deceptions’, a con-artist story based on actual events. ‘Glass House’, adapted from the trilogy of novels by Max & Ariana Overton, is destined to be filmed in Australia.

Movie Producer Michael Z. Gordon – famous for the Instrumental Hits ‘Wipeout’ and ‘Surfer’s Stomp’ – is presently working with Daniel Guardino on the development stages of the movie script ‘My Own Worst Enemy’. The Hollywood producer is in the pre-production stages of ‘Hello, My Name Is Jason Scott’ and ‘Grapefruit Moon’, with ‘Heart Stopper’ set for production in 2007. Michael Z. Gordon is the executive producer and producer of both ‘Narc’ and ‘Mafiosa’.

My Own Worst Enemy Productions has announced producer Michael Z. Gordon will begin production on January 19, 2007, on the new film, “Frail” – starring Tom Wilkinson and Thora Birch.

For Comedy Romance authors who feel their stories explode with the fireworks it takes to reach the unreachable stars, this is a chance in a lifetime to present your novels to the Marketing Director of Rolling Seas Promotions Pty Ltd. Pamela Faye. The door is open to all published authors.

The Romantic Comedy chosen by Rolling Seas Promotions, Agents to the publishing and movie industries worldwide, will be submitted to Daniel Guardino for the adaptation process to commence early in 2007. A Romantic Comedy to lift laughter from a world of movie buffs is the shooting star this company is searching for a future production for directors and producers.


Submitted By:

Pamela Faye
Rolling Seas Promotions Pty Ltd

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