The Christmas Cat Attracts Rave Reviews Since Release

Dec. 5, 2006 – ONTARIO, CANADA: Krusky, who has written a series of short stories and poems, welcomes the success and compassionate reviews she has been receiving since the release of her latest storybook, The Christmas Cat.

“I am deeply touched by the responses of the readers and the children who have sent me their personal reviews on this storybook,” says Krusky. “The Christmas Cat storybook was just released in November and I am pleased at the quick reaction.”

Before the release of her children’s storybook, Krusky has spent numerous years interacting with children at her day job. During that time, she observed how children seemed to light up at Christmas time and more so when she would speak about this magical Christmas tale and truly lovable characters. With that inspiration she decided to publish her story.

Krusky’s work can be found at her website, Belynda’s e-Home and there you can see reviews on this story and also view several powerful poems on her “Writer’s Corner” website page.

Krusky is planning a series of books for children that will be published in 2007. The stories will partner with lessons for children with pets and teaching the responsibilities attached to owning pets. The family setting and the main characters will expand from the homestead into the neighborhood, bringing in new characters to the series.

L.M. Richard, Siscan Publications president, says “Krusky’s recent release of The Christmas Cat storybook has reached beyond our levels of expectation. A lot of children are going to be enjoying an additional Christmas pleasure this year from such a delightful story. It has become a winner very quickly.”

Siscan Publications launched Belynda’s e-Home to give the books internet market exposure. “Since the successful release of my storybook, I now am satisfied that many children will be reading and learning from my work”, says Krusky. “And parents will have one more chance to share the excitement of their children on Christmas Eve while reading this special bedtime story.”

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