The Dark Room – Everything goes in the name of Horror.

Dec. 2, 2006 – 2006-12-02 – The best Horror Movies was created to inspire young intellectuals, young fans of Horror Movies, young believers to regain their focus in their most celebrated and favorite topic: horror; through a forum in order to express their interests, and their opinions on their favorite horror stories, movies, and personal experiences. is dedicated to inform and entertain all fans, young and old, in every aspects of the Horror genre, as a result, we created this page to enable our Horror Movie enthusiasts to interact and to discuss their preferences and their differences in horror, new releases and most horrifying experiences.

The owner of Romjon Enterprises created this page to give her fans a place to share their knowledge of horror movies and other related subjects. was created to make every fans feel at home and open about different issues concerning the Horror Genre.

The Dark Room is one of the newest addition to the site, it features an area where fans can post their topics and other can comment on them as long as they join and accept the conditions to participate in the Dark Room forums.

The Dark Room is believed to be a tool where all of us can be part of something genuine, and something new, where we all can talk openly about the Horror in our life, the Horror Movies that we love, and don’t love, and the Horror movies that noone should have never even mentioned. We will always want to have your input to better your favorite horror movie rental site and your “Dark Room”. This press release is written in order to introduce to the whole wide web our forum page titled: “The Dark Room” which is one of the greatest and newest features to our site. Enjoy and pass it around.

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