THE FIRE FLOWER by Jo-Anne Seymour is published

Dec. 6, 2006 – Following the loss of his inheritance in the English Civil War, Sir Nicholas Young is reduced to making his living as an impoverished plantsman. In 1676, he sets out for Africa and discovers a priceless new bulb, The Fire Flower, which will make him a very rich man….but only if he can prevent anyone else from getting their hands on it.

The Fire Flower attracts the attention of King Charles II and draws Sir Nicholas, somewhat reluctantly, into the life of the Royal Court, where he becomes entangled in a turbulent relationship with the beautiful but perplexing Grace du Caveny.

A prize as valuable as The Fire Flower soon earns Sir Nicholas many enemies, putting the lives of everyone around him in danger and, unwittingly, involving him in the war between France and Holland.

About the Author: Jo-Anne Seymour has published various academic papers and articles. She currently works as the Deputy Headteacher of a boys’ grammar school in Kent, England. Prior to becoming a teacher, Jo-Anne worked for several years as a graphic designer and she is a keen plant artist. Jo-Anne has begun work on a sequel entitled The Crown of England.

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Author: Jo-Anne Seymour

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