The Franchise Grade® Top 500 Launches Today publishes The Franchise Grade® Top 500. This inaugural list of the Top 500 US franchise systems was compiled from the analysis of 2,400 franchise disclosure documents. utilized its proprietary Franchise Performance Index™ (FPI) data tool to determine the relative grade of each franchise system. The FPI uses a series of critical variables that relate to real franchise system performance and, perhaps more importantly, the overall health of each franchise system. The research division surveyed a cross section of franchising experts on their most important considerations for evaluating franchise performance. Their feedback helped define validate the variables in use for Franchise Performance Index™.
Jeff Lefler, founder and CEO of stated: “By utilizing our FPI to grade and identify the Top 500 franchise systems, we were able to gauge overall metrics for franchise system performance and health rather than simply relying on system size or growth figures. This will account for some of the more recognizable franchise brands ranking lower than might be expected in the Franchise Grade®Top 500.”
The Franchise Grade® Top 500 list is available here.
About is the leader in competitive market research and objective analysis for the franchise industry. Their franchise assessment, grading and standardized reporting tools provide industry stakeholders with critical data driven metrics to support the growth of successful franchise systems. works to raise the bar for market research in the franchise industry to build a stronger franchise community.