The Growth Company announces: It DOES Matter What Others Think

The Growth Company discusses the long-term positive benefit derived from finding out what people think. Clients, employees, and managers all form opinions about a business – these opinions drive work performance and management decisions that directly influence client base. The Growth Company observes that their survey tools consistently allow for better internal performance resulting in improved client relationships and increased satisfaction. 360 Appraisals, Employee Surveys, and Client Surveys are simple yet powerful evaluative instruments for today’s businesses.
Although some companies question the cost and time spent for consulting expertise in this area, consistently they find essential, helpful information for maintaining client satisfaction and growing a business. TGC’s clients say things like, “one comment was worth the entire cost of the survey”, and “we were able to land a large project as the result of one survey question”.
The Growth Company, Inc. is a Human Resource and Management consulting firm specializing in soft skills training, facilitation and mediation as well as investigations, coaching and manual/policy write ups and re-writes. The Growth Company, Inc. was established in 1978 and is one of the longest lasting consulting firms in Alaska. For further information about The Growth Company or Dr. Lynne Curry click here or go to The Growth Company also has a Workplace Coach Blog, where Dr. Lynne Curry and other HR professionals post about everyday situations that a manager or supervisor may come across. They provide insight and the correct way to approach and handle these situations.