The Healthy Brain Foundation and co-host Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas Announce the Annual Concussion Conference to be held on Saturday, April 11th

On Saturday, April 11, 2015, the Healthy Brain Foundation (HBF) co-hosted with Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas will host the Annual Concussion Conference in Austin, Texas at Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas. This event will attract healthcare and education professionals from a variety of disciplines as well as community stakeholders.
This day-long program will encourage education and discussion – bringing together experts, practitioners and community stakeholders. The Program Planning Committee has assembled a faculty with renowned clinical experts in the treatment and management of concussions. The Conference will provide opportunities for approved continuing education sessions as well as opportunities for professional networking through social events and special programming.
“The increased awareness about concussions over the past few years has been great,” said Michael Reardon, MD, Chair of the conference program planning committee and a Neurologist at Pediatric Specialty Services and Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas. “However, I know from my daily practice that there are still a lot of misconceptions out there. The pace of new research on concussions has really accelerated, and there is a lot of new information that people may not know about yet. This conference will be an outstanding opportunity for health care professionals and athletic participants to get caught up on the latest advances in the field.”
The morning session will highlight renowned keynote speakers, Drs. Steven Broglio, Jeffrey Barth and Michael Reardon. The afternoon program will offer sessions for healthcare providers as well as athletic trainers, athletes, coaches and families – presented in parallel tracks. The topics include but not limited to:
Medical Management of Concussion Symptoms and Sports Clearance
Vestibular Therapy – Assessing and Treating Dizziness and Balance Disorders
Use of Cognitive Testing
Assessment and Treatment of Psychological Symptoms
On-Field Management and Return-to-Play Strategies
Ways to Reduce Concussions in Sports Based on Biomechanics
Adjustment and Coping Strategies for Dealing with the Symptoms and the Stress of Concussions
Cultural/Society Issues with Respect to the Dangers in Youth Sports; Decision-Making for Families
“Learning and conversation about the effects and management of concussions are necessary to promote life-long brain health and wellness; this Conference encompasses a broad range of topics and opportunities for learning and dialogue among all attendees,” noted Roger Carrillo, President of the Healthy Brain Foundation. A percentage of the proceeds from the conference will benefit the HBF Concussion Outreach Campaign, a HBF funding initiative focused on serving student athletes and educational systems through development of projects promoting appropriate assessment and management of sports related concussions.
The HBF and Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas would like to thank the following early bird sponsors for supporting the Annual Concussion Conference:
Biodex Medical Systems
Impact Athletic
Concussion Health
360 Balance & Hearing
Bertec Balance
Click here to view the Sponsorship & Marketing Prospectus. Visit the HBF website at for more information regarding speakers and topics.
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