The Item Finding Service LLC Offers a New Way for Consumers to Make Purchases

Dec. 22, 2006 – The Item Finding Service LLC finds what consumers request, haggles for the lowest prices on the requests, and supplies the consumers with what is necessary to make the final purchases. While at first seeming simple, these terms make available a revolutionary service for the American consumer.

The company classifies all requests into two different categories, easy and hard to find. Easy requests set the company apart from anything that has been done thus far. Not only will The Item Finding Service LLC haggle for its clients, it will only charge the clients a fraction of what it saves them.

For example, if a customer requests a 2007 Nissan Maxima for $27,000 (MSRP of 28,665), the company may agree to find it for 1/4 of what it saves the customer. Then, it will find the Maxima and negotiate to obtain a price such as $25,000. The Item Finding Service LLC will obtain a statement of willingness to sell from the lowest priced seller (legally binding the seller to make the sale at that price) and tell the customer it has fulfilled the request while asking for a payment of $500 (1/4 of the savings).

After the customer makes the payment to the company, The Item Finding Service LLC will give the customer a summary of what was done to obtain the lowest price, the statement of willingness to sell from the lowest priced seller, and necessary contact information for the seller.

This process takes a great deal of stress away from the consumer for large products traditionally haggled for. In fact, there is seemingly no reason not to make a request with the company before going out to buy that new car you’ve always wanted.

The company is also spectacular at finding hard to find items (such as out of production record players or new video game consoles at launch), but does charge a premium for that type of service.

— End —