THE NAZCAN WITCH by Edward Parrott is published

Nov. 12, 2006 – The Nazcan Witch is the gripping story of a young girl’s struggle against her forthcoming betrothal to a boy she hates, and her parting from lifelong friend, Tal. She faces gruelling mountain and desert treks and encounters adventures that lead her to the very edge of existence. She is destined to help her people leave their mark!

Excerpt from the Book:
“The young friends frequently stayed over in their secret cave and always told their parents where they were going, but had never told them where it was.
‘Sorry mother, it was such a momentous night that we just went there to get away from the noise.’ Dove started to say, until Tal jumped in with –
‘We were scared at what might now happen to us. So we looked at the stars together, for what might be the last time – ever.’
This touched a soft spot, as they knew how close Dove and Tal had always been, and their mothers forgave the pair, for the future was indeed unknown and fearful.
‘Get some sleep, as two moons from now you will begin the journey,’ Quinone suggested.”

About the Author:
This is the fourth book by the author, Edward Parrott, and is in stark contrast to his Burkwoodii Trilogy. Edward lives with his wife in South Derbyshire and loves to write as a retirement occupation.

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