The Northridge Group Expands Social Customer Service and Customer Experience Offerings

The Northridge Group, a leading management consulting firm for Fortune 200 companies and key government agencies, today announced plans to enhance its social customer service and customer experience practice areas.
The Northridge Group is increasing its concentration on social because of the medium’s growing importance to the future success of customer experience programs, as well as the need for an integrated and effective omni-channel view of the customer experience in the contact center and beyond. The sharpened focus of this practice area demonstrates the prevalence and growing importance of social media for today’s consumer. Brands that don’t align social media and traditional customer service channels may be missing out on understanding key customer issues and potential revenue opportunities.
“Customers reach companies on a variety of channels including social media, so it’s no longer viable for brands to opt out of the platform,” said Pam Plyler, executive practice lead, Customer Experience and Contact Center Management of The Northridge Group. “Complexities such as expected speed of response and public messaging need to be managed appropriately through a social customer service program.”
As a firm specializing in the customer experience, The Northridge Group proactively enhances its offerings to best meet the customer’s needs as they continue to evolve and grow. The impact of social media on service expectations led the company to offer counsel on how consumers expect issues raised via social to be resolved when compared to traditional channels. The company’s customer experience services are expanding to include five main areas of expertise:
Voice of the customer insights, which includes an analysis of all customer service engagements including web, voice, email, chat, social, complaints, surveys and speech analytics.
Omni-channel roadmap assessment of all customer communication channels that focuses on how consistent, seamless and flexible a company is in meeting the needs of customers.
Operational and technology assessments that compare a company’s social customer service offerings to benchmark best practices.
Business insights and process optimization designed to develop deep business insights and process re-engineering recommendations for improved customer experience and cost reduction.
Risk assessment and improvement recommendations for effectively managing the compliance and brand risks that are more prevalent in social customer service.
“The shift towards omni-channel creates both opportunity and complexity in the marketplace,” said Therese Fauerbach, CEO of The Northridge Group. “Successful organizations need a deep understanding of their customer base to determine how and where to move. The Northridge Group prides itself on our complete, holistic approach and ability to evolve with the needs of our clients to deliver the most effective and differentiated services to the marketplace.”
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