The Official Game of Rock. Aleken Games Spins the Trivia Tunes of Great Gatherings

Nov. 20, 2006 – Genesee Depot, WI – Let the Good Times Roll. While rock music is heard in everything from sheer entertainment to salesmanship, Aleken Games is in the center of it all with the official music trivia game of Rock, ROCK AND ROLL TRIVIOLOGIES.

“With Slash amplifying Volkswagens and John Mellencamp’s heartland style rocking Chevy buyers, advertisers and marketers are hip to the fact that music, especially Rock and Roll, is a driving force in people’s lives. Great music relates with great products,” Ken Eichstaedt, president of Aleken Games explained. “With our trivia game, you can make any gathering a rock’n great time by bringing along the trivia about tunes and musicians that have been a part of all of our lives. Great gatherings start with great music.”

Aleken Games has its ROCK AND ROLL TRIVIOLOGIES music trivia game moving to the beat of the nation, as rock music is seemingly everywhere. From attention-grabbing guitar rifts to subtle sounds in the shopping malls, rock music puts a bounce in a step and can make an emotional connection to a moment in time. Aleken Games’ premier music trivia game, ROCK AND ROLL TRIVIOLOGIES has captured all of the cool, fun and interesting facts about the same rock music that streams through the nation’s consciousness.

“Its all about the fun and interesting facts of music from the past 50 years of Rock and Roll,” Ken Eichstaedt, president of Aleken Games, explained. “Advertisers everywhere are using Rock music to grab attention, and the fun and interesting facts about music will never change. People will always recall the fond memories and times in their lives when they heard songs or great artists. The fun facts, and more importantly, the memories – are what make our music trivia games so much fun.”

Aleken Games has done some of its own rock music reinforcement with a collaborative effort with future Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Eddie Money. The company joined with Eddie Money to assist with the promotion of his new album, Wanna Go Back, while Money endorsed the ROCK AND ROLL TRIVIOLOGIES game. “It has been a good match for Aleken Games because the same people that love Eddie Money and his music from the 1970’s to the present, love the game,” said Eichstaedt

ROCK AND ROLL TRIVIOLOGIES (MSRP $29.95) combines over 1,300 music trivia questions that span a time frame from the beginning of rock in the early 1950’s to the present day. The object of the game is to assemble a five-piece band and then earn music industry awards. Elements of strategy, luck, and fun allow players to feel the real struggle of putting together a successful band. Spaces on the board include JAM SESSION which lets you take a band member from another player, BAND BREAK UP, where you lose a band member, and LUCKY BREAK, where you can move to any trivia category space. From Buddy Holly and the Beatles to U2 and Green Day, you’ll find your favorite artist and band in Rock and Roll Triviologies.

Aleken Games also introduces The Days That Rock 2007 Calendar (MSRP $12.95) this year. The page per day desk calendar is filled with fun and interesting Rock and Roll trivia, birthdays of Rock and Roll’s greatest legends and newest stars, and the landmark days and events that shaped the history of Rock and Roll.

“Every day, music fans can put their Rock and Roll IQ to the test with questions about Rock and Roll’s first 50 years. We’ve also added fun “Brain-Rockers” where you use clues to solve Rock and Roll puzzlers,” Eichstaedt said,

Aleken Games based in Genesee Depot, WI, is a leader in the game industry with a special focus on music. The company’s premiere product, ROCK AND ROLL TRIVIOLOGIES™ has been critically acclaimed in the game and music industries and is available nationwide in the U.S. and Canada at major music store chains, independent music retailers, book and game stores, music instrument stores and other fine retailers. Recently, the company launched its COUNTRY MUSIC TRIVIOLOGIES board game to even faster paced sales and positive praise. The company now offers travel version products of both games and calendars. All of the products are available at For more about Aleken Games and its products, please visit or call toll-free 1-877-295-2740.

Rock and Roll Triviologies is a trademark of Aleken Games.
Country Music Triviologies is a trademark of Aleken Games.

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