The Popular Charity Fund Raising Bachelor Bid Event Gets Its Own Auction Website.

Nov. 18, 2006 – Bid4Me ( and is by no means a trail blazing concept. The auction style personal profile had already briefly made an appearance on the World Wide Web, however this time Bid4Me would re-introduce the charity theme as central to its cause, which is what had made this socially conscience concept so successful in the past. Bid4Me also differs from anything which may have existed before it by offering total inclusion, whether the visitor is rich or poor, male or female, a celebrity or a regular Joe, everyone is invited to participate and help raise money for their favourite charity.

For those unfamiliar with the format the idea is quite simple. Once registered one can bid on dating auctions or submit their own auction by firstly selecting a relevant category, title and recent photo, followed by inputting their age, personal details, interests etc. and any preferences to who they wish to meet. Finally one may choose the charity they wish to support and the length the auction shall run for in days or weeks. A basic auction offers bidders the opportunity to win the means of contacting the submitter of the auction listing, primarily via a confirmed email address. However there is no reason why an auction listing can not state an offer of an official lunch engagement for example which incidentally is the reasoning behind the celebrity date section on the site. Ultimately though Bid4Me aims to create an online community of like minded, socially aware and well informed or intentioned members of society to join in the fun and games, discover exactly how much they’re really worth, raise money for charity and maybe find love as a result.

Regular visitors to the site can expect continual site improvements, new content and layout enhancements and user requested modification. If you wish to get involved in the site, become a sponsor or suggest a celebrity offering all correspondences are welcome.


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