The Power of Online Advertising

Dec. 14, 2006 – A recent study found that 55% of the online population uses the Internet to search for local products and information. The problem for most businesses is that they still see internet advertising as a marketing tool for people trying to sell products online; they do not realize that users are looking for their service and brick-and-mortar businesses on the web, and that they can reach these potential customers online.
A recent statistic showed that:
• There are 1.269 million home users online in South Florida. This figure does not include users who log on at work.
• South Florida is in the Top 10 Markets in the U.S. that has over 50% of their households with access to the internet.
What is Internet Advertising – Finding the Needles in the Haystack

Internet Advertising is a form of direct marketing that cost-effectively targets customers who are actively searching for a specific product or service. Advertisers choose specific search terms relevant to their business, and whenever anyone types in those terms, their ad appears. It doesn’t matter how many times the advertisement appears; the advertiser only pays for the ad when someone clicks on it to visit their website. The advertisements can even be set up to only appear in certain cities, metropolitan areas, or countries.

Local Internet Searches

The majority of internet advertisers in the past were businesses selling products online. That trend is changing as more service and brick-and-mortar businesses realize that customers are using the internet to search for them. Recent data from the Kelsey group stated that 55% of all internet searches are local in nature. This means that people are using the internet to search for businesses in their own cities and states.

Using patent-pending technology, the WSI Local Adworks platform creates and manages turnkey ad campaigns for local, nationwide and franchise travel-related businesses. When a search matches selected geographic areas and any one of up to 5,000 keywords per campaign, WSI Local Adworks places that ad at the top of the search results.

For the first time, advertisers will be able to advertise in all top search engines in a single spot – Google, Yahoo, AOL, Verizon Superpages, Ask. com and their networks – and obtain detailed reports on the results of their campaigns, down to the number of calls or emails generated, how long were the calls, how long the visitors were in the Website, how many pages were visited and much more. There are documented business studies on the results search engine advertising are producing.

• Over a 5-month period, a specialized printing company invested $2800 on online advertising. During this period, they received 757 visits to their Website, plus 75 calls to their business, and they closed $30,000 on new business.
• A multi-location franchise hotels with locations throughout the USA promoted 26 specific locations and they achieved a return of 16 to 1 on their investment, after spending less than $5,000 for all locations, they earned more than $81,000 in revenue.

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