The Profiles Series Announces A Segement Showcasing The Industry Leaders In The World Of Boating

Dec. 28, 2006 – The Profiles Series hosted by Lou Gossett Jr. announces the production of a special edition program showcasing the industry leaders in the world of boating in this new millennium, focusing on the way both new technologies and evolving customer demands are impacting their business. Associate Producer Yvonne LaRocca says “this story will highlight the latest and greatest technologies in the boating industry.”

From floating palaces and streamlined water-rockets, to the best in salt and freshwater fishing and all around family fun, this edition of The Profiles Series will take our viewers over the oceans and across the lakes to get a behind the scenes look at the designers, builders, and dealers that are catapulting the world’s watercraft into the twenty first century, and along the way, we’ll meet some of the companies, professionals, thrill-seekers, and every day boaters that are enjoying them. Executive Producer Wali Waiters says we will also address various requirements and safety tips for recreational boaters

Their mission is to create quality programming which will inform, educate and enlighten their viewers both nationally and internationally. They cover a variety of topics ranging from health and medical to business, and environmental. “The Profiles Series” can be seen on cable networks nationwide and internationally on Voice of America Television.

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