The Profiles Series announces program on Identity Theft Solutions

Dec. 28, 2006 – The Profiles Series announces program on Identity Theft Solutions

Identity Theft Solutions

In light of the President’s recently formed Federal Identity Theft Task Force, The Profiles Series announces the production of a special edition program providing our viewers with a comprehensive look at the ways in which our national government, law enforcement, technologies, and both the private and public sectors are providing both state of the art and common sense protection for the most basic of our rights, our right to privacy and our own identity.

Executive Producer Wali Waiters says “It is important the we all take proactive measure to protect our identities”.

Identity theft is an equal opportunity destroyer, crossing all ethnic and socio-economic boundaries, and according to US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, identity theft affects four percent of America’s citizens every year, amounting to more than $50 billion dollars per year in losses for companies and hard working individuals.

It is due to the critical reality of this plague on our society that The Profiles Series is producing this special program in its efforts to bring much needed attention to this national calamity, in efforts to provide businesses, consumers, and law enforcement with the most recent information and proven effective resources by which we can all work together to bring identity theft to an end, and those committing the crimes, to justice.

Their mission is to create quality programming which will inform, educate and enlighten their viewers both nationally and internationally. They cover a variety of topics ranging from health and medical to business, and environmental. “The Profiles Series” can be seen on cable networks nationwide and internationally on Voice of America Television.

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