The Profiles Series Announces Special Segment on Biomedical Research

Dec. 26, 2006 – The Profiles Series Announces Special Segment on Biomedical Research

In consideration of continuing controversies surrounding the advancements in the world of biomedical research, The Profiles Series announces the production of a special edition program focusing on the scientists, research institutions, universities, and sponsors that are on the cutting-edge forefront of these scientific disciplines, yet adhering to an ethical code of medical and scientific research conduct more in line with popular opinion.

Executive Producer Wali Waiters says “We are very excited about educating our viewers on these advancements and how they are shaping the future of medicine”

From human genetics to umbilical cord cell research, to growing human organs and microscopic cancer busters, this eye-opening series will give viewers an inside look into the minds and marvels of those making fact out of what was once considered science fiction.

Our mission is to create quality programming which will inform, educate and enlighten our viewers both nationally and internationally. We cover a variety of topics ranging from health and medical to business, and environmental. “The Profiles Series” can be seen on cable networks nationwide and internationally on Voice of America Television.

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