“The Progress of Man: G. W. Bush v. The People” by Dr. T. Moore

Nov. 25, 2006 – San Francisco, Ca, November 26, 2006 –PR.COM)—“The Progress of Man” is a camp romp within the Republican Party about conflict between Dubya and “We The People”, both struggling with internal crises. Dubya loves his wife Liberty Bell but a tragic dysfunction has sprung from Dubya’s relationship with his God, and his nemesis; “We The People”.
“We the People” elected Dubya for the sake of parochial whims while the environment decays. Dubya resolves his inner conflicts by joining another secret society, the Knitting Club, a radical men’s group. Dubya appoints the director, Muleskinner, to run the country and contracts Al Gore to wage war on the environment, while he takes Liberty on a second honeymoon to a fall-out shelter.
The story is a tragedy that, at the last, twists into fantastic beauty.
Dr. Thomas Moore is on a west coast tour to promote his recent novels. He is an experiential author with a sweeping impressionistic style and outrageously wicked humor.
“The Progress of Man G. W. Bush v. The People”, ISBN# 9780978602482 by Thomas Moore.

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