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Dec. 19, 2006 – New York, NY – December 19, 2006 – In a direct spillover of the curiosity and excitement surrounding the upcoming launch of Google Audio Ads, Voice123 ( has recorded heavy traffic in the last few weeks from voice talent seekers and advertising agencies looking for the right voice talent for their radio ads. Being the original player in the online marketplace for voiceover jobs, Voice123 has the largest database of users across voiceover artists, voice over agents, ad agencies and producers, and hence it does not come as a surprise that the news of Google Ads being publicly launched in the near future should increase activity in the voiceover market.

Commenting on the high traffic that the site has been experiencing due to the introduction of Google Ads, Alex Torrenegra, Co-founder, Voice123 ( said, “Radio has always been an unbeatable medium for advertisers to reach out to their audience; and when it comes to radio, then finding the right voice talent to suit a particular radio ad becomes imperative. With an online platform like ours, it becomes possible for both talent seekers and voice talents to meet on a convenient and common platform. Moreover it allows both parties to search for talent and jobs respectively, from the vast sea of job and profile posts on the website. We at Voice123 have had the largest number of advertising agencies, producers and voice talents registered with us, and we are very happy to make this contribution to the voiceover world.”

Google Audio Ads is an extension of the hugely successful Google AdWords platform. The difference here is that while the normal Adwords platform allows only text ads to be distributed, Google Audio Ads will concentrate on the satellite and terrestrial radio networks worldwide. With the launch of Google Audio Ads publicly, there will be a marked increase in the number of radio ads being produced at the moment. The voiceover market has seen a flurry of activity in the recent past, as more and voice talent seekers search for the right voice to give life to their radio ads. And this is where Voice123 ( comes in as a perfect partner.

By the virtue of being the oldest player in the online voiceover marketplace, Voice123 ( not only has the largest database of producers and ad agencies on their roster, it also has the best voice talent enrolled on the site. With over 50,000 voice talents worldwide, talent seekers can be sure that their search for the right voice talent ends right here. What’s more, being an online platform, Voice123 makes the entire searching, profiling and hiring process a smoother and much faster experience for both the voice seekers and the talent providers.

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