The Pursuit of Happyness: the contest that denied many driven souls like Chris Gardner

Nov. 28, 2006 – Atlanta, GA – November 22, 2006 — This is a pivotal time for the driven and the determined, when it comes to the entrepreneur. Per a recent SBA report, today 53% of U.S. businesses are beginning right in the home.

The viral and higher ROI (return on investment), the internet has become the kick start source for thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide. It has allowed businesses global positioning in shorter time periods.

The question is this: How would have Chris Gardner faired with the extraordinary resources available today?

Chris Gardner’s story is extraordinary. Just within the movie trailer, Sony Pictures depicts a man with a great heart, determination, and will power to achieve the ultimate – financial freedom. He exuded character and conviction to achieve the extraordinary that so many want, but aren’t willing to earn.

Mr. Gardner struggled in the job market, with his family, financially, and judicially. He didn’t allow his vision or dream and the responsibilities with his toddler son to go unfulfilled.

Sony Pictures just recently ended their “Pursuit It” contest that allowed individuals to submit a five minute video online containing their motto or words to live by. Within the film and in Mr. Gardner’s life his motto is this, “Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something … You got a dream, you gotta protect … If you want something, go get it. Period.”

Mr. Gardner obtained an internship with the prestigious Dean Witter. He strived with heart to complete this program. Everyday he managed to maintain his financial struggles as well as taking care of his son.

The next question is for Sony Pictures: Why did they launch a contest that denied those parallel to Mr. Gardner’s life? Let’s add another question: Why set an entry criterion of current college students, which Mr. Gardner didn’t hold a degree at in time period portrayed in the movie trailer?

“Even though I wasn’t qualified to enter into the contest, I’ll be at this movie filled with great expectation to be motivated,” says authorpreneur, C.F. Jackson, founder of Won’t Be Denied Apparel.

This young entrepreneur saw the opportunity, just as Chris Gardner to be taken under the wing to learn from the best. However, C.F. Jackson isn’t a college student.

“It was disheartening that I couldn’t submit my video. I watch the movie trailer nearly everyday and sometimes three times back to back,” the entrepreneur shared. C.F. Jackson like many others, are forging forward with optimism, determination and drive.

Even though the contest excluded many, it is assured that the increasing percentage of entrepreneurs joining in to build their own destiny will not decline.

Hopefully Sony Pictures will be more mindful of what they’re offering in relation to its released film and film’s contest. A lingering question: Does the contest for film “The Pursuit of Happyness” engulf the full essence of the film and Mr. Gardner?

You have to be the judge of that.

Everyone should be in the pursuit of happiness. Not for in the meantime; for the duration, to build the value of life we all deserve.

Learn more about authorpreneur C.F. Jackson by visiting You can view the unqualified video for The Pursuit of Happyness contest. This author and entrepreneur has written a novel that sprouted the seed for a new brand – the apparel that knows what you want matters.

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