The Roueche Graduate Center at National American University and VChain Solutions Opens New 3-day ONLINE Executive Education Course “Supply Chain Management Simulation”

Register today at and go to supply chain management simulation executive education workshop for this intensive, practical, ONLINE 3-day program starting Wednesday March 4th at 9am to 5pm, and ending on Friday March 6, at 5pm.
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Simulation Control Center
Online Supply Chain Management Simulation Center
Austin, TX (PRWEB) February 04, 2015

Far too often supply chain management professionals are reacting to various crises to maintain a steady flow of goods, instead of proactively managing the supply chain. As a result they often purchase materials based on impulse, intuition, or a partial understanding of the issues they are facing without enough actual facts.
The Proactive Supply Chain Management executive education course is designed to give company managers and executives the concepts and ideas they need to systematically and proactively manage a supply chain more effectively.
Proactive supply chain managers detect problems before they disrupt the business. They understand the dynamics of problems and the impact they will have on the business and customer. They can run scenarios to determine the best course of action and they have the time to focus on reducing excess inventory and improving demand plans. By adopting proactive supply chain concepts managers can stop relying solely on intuition and experience and make better decisions based on key metrics and facts.
Included in this course is an innovative, hands-on, supply chain management simulation that gives participants realistic scenarios to put their existing and new supply chain management knowledge to the test.
Executive education participants completing this course will gain specific knowledge, analytical skills and competencies to proactively manage a supply chain. By incorporating both lecture and computer simulation, executives participating in this course will gain practical experience managing a supply chain profitably and efficiently.
The supply chain management course will include the following topics: supply chain management strategy, planning and control processes focusing on key factors affecting operations and supply chain management, the importance of supply chain planning and control, risk identification and management, and supply chain decision structures and resource capacity.
The supply chain process and cost structure: managing material and process flow decision points, cost, time, and quality metrics, and bottleneck and flow time constraints and impacts.
Demand forecasting methods: strategic sourcing options, lead time planning, qualitative forecasting methods and production scheduling, and ROI analysis.
Supply chain procurement, sourcing and negotiations: compare and contrast supply chain operations analytics, process improvement methods, e.g. LSS, JIT, supplier relationship management and evaluation, and Multiple sourcing, continuous supply, outsourcing, make or buy, and total cost of ownership.
Logistics and inventory management: transportation methods, cost calculations, and economic order quantities, quantification and risk management of uncertain demand, inventory and risk reduction, and methodologies and tools to systematically reduce process risk.
Capacity planning: capacity planning and inventory levels, independent and dependent demand capacity planning, and LIFO and FIFO planning.
Supply chain integration and operational risks: supply chain integration systems and methods, supply chain integration and evaluation planning, supply chain budgeting, and supply chain event planning.
The program location is in your home or office and is a three-day ONLINE course starting March 4-6, 2015 and runs from 9am to 5pm each day. The cost of program is including materials $3,900 (Military discounts are available). Who will benefit most from this course? The proactive supply chain management course is ideal for executives both in and out of the supply chain field interested in learning how to proactively manage the supply chain process.
The practical take-aways are: This course utilizes a unique supply chain simulation training system that challenges participants to successfully drive a supply chain under a variety of conditions. Participants learn to solve complex supply chain issues in the most effective manner. The system also objectively measures the performance of each participant by tracking inventory turns, on-time delivery, profits and costs. Executives learn by doing to improve their supply chain decision-making skills.
Register today at and go to supply chain simulation workshop for this intensive, practical, ONLINE 3-day program starting Wednesday March 4th at 9am to 5pm, and ending on Friday March 6, at 5pm.
About the Roueche Graduate Center at National American University: The Roueche Graduate Center at National American University in Austin, Texas offers a range of graduate business programs and specializations, nursing and healthcare programs, a Doctorate of Education in Community College Leadership, and executive education programs for leadership and innovation in high-growth industries.
About VChain Solutions, Inc.: VChain Solutions provides supply chain training solutions to high schools, colleges and Fortune 1000 companies. Our revolutionary supply chain simulation software, VChain ProActive, gives participants and supply chain professionals a robust simulation tool that maximizes learning with common, real world scenarios.