The “Smart” Solution for Jobless Vets? Help Them Become Entrepreneurs

According to a recent article posted by CNBC on March 18, 2015, “the solution to joblessness among veterans may be to prod more of them toward entrepreneurship.”
While this is true, they key is to find the right job that utilizes their valuable skills. Veterans who are entering the workforce have valuable skills necessary to protect America’s interests but not always beneficial to attaining employment in a specialized civilian workforce. Their need of attaining an income source will be better realized by creating jobs for them, rather than expecting them to find them.
Some companies have quickly recognized the great value of these returning veterans.
“Veterans are experts at working in small teams”, states Jordan Wexler, CEO of Wexler continues, “That is exactly what we need to run the thousands of local city business networks we manage.”
Smart Guy is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing exclusive business networks in the world with over 57,000 business members in over 3,500 cities. Although businesses can sign up themselves for free, Smart Guy appoints one individual per city the prestigious position to manage their local City Networks and earn recurring revenue through existing advertising placements and local member upgrades.
“I just took over the San Diego network for Smart Guy,” states Mr. Len Kaine (Voted Veteran of the Year by the US Department of Veterans’ Affairs in 2010), “and look forward to helping local business professionals benefit by working together. That is something we veterans know how to do very well.”
As for why Veterans make good business network leaders, Smart Guy VP Scott McKay says it well: “The skill sets that most potential work force employees lack today, but is vital in growing our company, is initiative and self-determination. The military is a machine that fosters these two traits so we welcome those veterans looking for an opportunity to own their own business inside the Smart Guy Network Leader platform.”
Smart Guy is a turnkey solution for individuals looking to become the “go to” person in their city. There is no hardware, no software; and nothing to install and everything can be operated from an internet-based computer from home. Although businesses can join for free, membership is limited to only one professional per category per zip code.
“Smart Guy will provide purpose and a sense of belonging that is so necessary for our veterans today”, states Wexler. “The ability to create a career for themselves can even help reduce PTSD, which is often a result of not having much to look forward to.”
Smart Guy offers something for everyone. For veterans, it is an opportunity to almost instantly run their own business and utilize skills they already know. For local businesses, it is an opportunity to network together sharing referrals with other quality professionals, and as for consumers, it is an opportunity to save up to 50% off local services they use everyday.