The Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization's Annual Conference Features World Class Experts for the Opening Day Executive Track Keynote Addresses

The Day 1 Executive Track Keynote presentations for the 2015 TOCICO International Conference feature world leaders in innovative thinking and transformation of organizations and industries. From an 11 year long, TOC driven, ongoing process of improvement at Godrej Consumer Products to the beginning steps of operational transformation taking place at Delta Airlines, TOC continues to drive significant success in the private and public sectors.

Washington, DC, May 14, 2015 –(– The application of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) has, since its creation in the 1980’s, created incredible transformations in people’s lives, in private sector and public sector organizations, and even within entire industries. State governments, military repair depots, school districts, hospitals, supply chains and many other small and large organizations have been transformed.

The TOCICO is honored to focus the opening day of this year’s 13th Annual TOCICO International Conference on keynote presentations from Executives who lead some of the most successful TOC driven company transformations in the world, and from TOC experts who are working with a wide variety of companies and organizations to develop and implement their own transformational strategies.

Day 1 Executive Track Keynote Speakers:

Rami Goldratt – CEO Goldratt Consulting
Theory of Constraints: Achieving Results Dealing with: Uncertainty – Conflicts – Complexity

Dr. Alan Barnard – CEO Goldratt Research Labs
What does not kill us, makes us stronger. Really?

Dr. Rakesh Sinha – COO-Global Supply Chain, Manufacturing and IT, Godrej Consumer Products
Godrej Consumer Products-Story of the First Viable Vision in the World

Miguel Abuhab – President NeoGrid S.A.
From Sell-In to Sell-Out and Beyond

Mrs. Kathy Austin – Director of Operations Continuous Improvement for Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Step 1 of the Journey: Transforming Delta Airlines Operations Using Theory of Constraints (TOC), Lean and Six Sigma (LSS)

Mr. Sunil Mistry – Vice President (Motors) with Bharat Bijlee Ltd.
Transforming the Sales Force During Economic Slowdown

Mr. Humberto Baptista – CEO of Vectis Solutions
TOC Retail: Beyond Stock and Mix

Dr. Carl Wöcke – Managing Director of Merlynn (RSA)
Don’t mine BIG data, mine your experts!

The three days that follow will feature over 60 Presentations, Case Studies, Hyde Park discussions and TOC How-To Workshops focusing on the theme for this year’s conference, which is Transform.

Attendees at the 2015 TOCICO International Conference can expect to gain enough knowledge and information by listening to and learning from the world leaders in transformational change management, and attending TOC How-To workshops, to understand how to begin the process of transforming their business or organization.

For the first time ever, From September 6-9, 2015, the TOCICO International conference will be hosted in Cape Town, South Africa at the beautiful Westin hotel. The conference will host the World’s leading TOC thought leaders, practitioners, implementers and educators.

What is the Theory of Constraints?

Theory of Constraints (or TOC) is a holistic management philosophy originally developed by the late Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt that is based on the principle that any complex systems exhibit inherent simplicity, i.e., even a very complex system or value chain will – at any given time- have only one weakest link or system constraint that limits its performance. By employing TOC, one can find and overcome such limiting factors to unlock the inherent potential of any system.

What is the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization?

Since its origins in the late 1970’s, TOC as a body of knowledge has continued to evolve through the ongoing efforts of TOC experts around the world. TOCICO is the International Certification Organization of Theory of Constraints practitioners, implementers and educators. TOCICO’s stated goals are to provide platforms to further develop the TOC body of knowledge and to offer certification in this body of knowledge.

One such platform is TOCICO’s annual International Conference. The International Conference provides an opportunity for TOC experts and those new to TOC to share and learn about TOC applications and developments through the presentation of actual results obtained by implementing the TOC processes. Areas of implementation are manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing, project management, service industries (Private and public), supply chain management, IT, finance and measurements, government and healthcare, education (public and private) and the melding of TOC + Lean + Six Sigma (TLS).

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