The Truth about Investing – Pre launch even has the Investment Community a buzz!

Nov. 26, 2006 – Help Investing Money, The Truth about Investing – Pre launch even has the Investment Community a buzz!


Today’s official pre-launch for the number one anticipated e-book: Help Investing Money, the Truth about Investing, has the local retail investment community nervous. The pre-launch event was attended by a full room of regular retail investors, eager to discuss and here never before discussed investment facts from author Mr. Glen Schultz. The Truth About Investing is a no nonsense guide about the reality of investing your own money in a highly competitive, yet convoluted and confusing world or bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds, equities, commodities and foreign exchange. “Some of the confusion is in the products themselves, but more importantly how some brokers neglect to disclose all the elements about certain products and are selecting products that fill their pockets and not the savings accounts of their own customers” said John Davis, ex National Canadian swimmer and money losing investor in attendance. “I never understood how much money I was losing to Management Expense Ratio’s (MER’s), and trailer fees. All I saw on my statements was commission expenses – and I thought that was bad enough. I now understand how much my advisor was making off my account alone and it makes me sick to think of how ripped off, and kept in the dark I was for over 10 years, I look forward to our next discussion”.

“Part of the problem with investing your own money is not understanding what your advisor gains on any transaction. They may educate you on returns and diversity; however they leave out the hidden fees and fail to discuss any shortfalls or potential risks the investments may encounter.” Says Mr. Schultz, author of: The Truth about Investing. “The market continues to become saturated with different products peddled to the majority of investors who spend more time shopping for shoes each year than they do on their own savings (401ks & RRSPs) portfolio.”

The Truth about Investing is an easy to understand and implement guide on what to look for in the market. It gives specific examples on how brokers are compensated, at the investor expense. Explains the truth about mutual funds vs. individual stocks, the proper selection of bonds and how to diversify as well as clarifies what to look for in a broker and an investment dealer plus so much more never before disclosed information. The author provides common sense strategies on goals, proper selection and setting realistic expectations for yourself and your future and not for the broker. It also elaborates on how to comprehend your statements, what questions to ask and where to find the appropriate information on all major investment options available in the market.

The Truth about Investing is scheduled for release on December 15 2006 in time for the holidays and is available online at:

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