The Ugly Truth About Black Friday

Nov. 23, 2006 – It’s time to start your Christmas shopping! That thought alone brings fear into many people’s minds. “Do I have to get to the mall at 6:00AM to find a parking spot… and my items in stock?” “How long is this line?” “I cannot believe how rude people can be!” Then after you find everything that you need or want – today – you have to lug all of your packages, in the cold November and December air, back to your car, which is inevitably parked about a 10 minute walk away… all while other shoppers circle the parking lot in their cars like vultures waiting for you to get back to your car.

If that doesn’t sound like fun to you, then JKZ Ventures, Inc has the answer for you. All you need is a computer and a credit card. Do your Christmas shopping online this year! Usually the online store has a greater variety of items in stock, no lines, no rude or unknowledgeable sales people, and you can do it from the comfort of your nice warm and dry living room. Yes, you will have to pay a price for shipping and handling; however, you are not paying for gas or the excursions to the food court… and you cannot put a price on the lack of stress that always comes this time of year anyway.

“But I need to find the perfect Christmas give for my friend/spouse/significant other – I cannot do that online,” is the biggest complaint that Jason Zvokel, president of JKZ Ventures, Inc and avid online shopper, hears about this method of Christmas shopping. “After working in retail for the past 13 years, I can assure you that the last place I want to be on my days off between Black Friday and Christmas Eve is at someone else’s store!”

JKZ Ventures, Inc has found a way to take incredible American experiences and turn them into unforgettable Christmas presents for your hard-to-buy-for loved ones. Whether your love one loves to be pampered at a world class spa, or is a hard core NASCAR fan, or wants be a fighter pilot, or desires to ride a horse, or any number of over 6000 other experiences, then they have what you are looking for. Check them out, on-line, at

Save your time and aggravation , and do your Christmas shopping online this year!

— End —