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Dec. 19, 2006 – The Internet, World Wide (PRLog) December 19, 2006 – Are you intrigued by the fast paced culture of the internet? Do you live in the portable on-demand media age? Are internet videos, blogs, and RSS feeds the main source of the way you get info? Here are some cold hard facts…If you live to eat, breath and sleep the YouTube revolution- you are in luck- it just got easier and a lot more addictive.

Introducing LambCast…

The groundbreaking technological company, Look At My Broadcast, otherwise known as LambCast is proud to announce their much anticipated launch. LambCast aims to be the best desktop application to help you enjoy YouTube entertainment with many options such as a scalable video window and a TV output for a second display through a compatible video card.

LambCast offers a variety of options so that its users can create playlists with private videos, download their favorite videos in an Ipod compatible format, and also to allow custom distribution of playlists for both personal and professional use as email attachments, blogs, RSS Syndication and Optical Media Distributions. In addition, you can use the innovative mini application, LambList, to distribute a collection of YouTube clips of a vacation to family members or even syndicate your own sitcom with advertisements in-between segments just like a real TV network. With LambCast, get ready for your 15 minutes of fame… it is just around the corner. Be sure to also checkout Hip Hop Super Producer, Just Blaze’s, “Just Blaze TV” on LambCast channel 307.

Founded in 2004 by William G. Blanchard, an inventor who writes and submits his own patents, states: “LAMbCast adds the next level of true web to desktop and TV broadcasting power. We are providing a system for anyone that would like to walk into their local cable company and receive a personal cable channel. We know the cable company can’t assign personal cable channels, but with LAMbCast, you now have your own broadcasting channel through the computer with acting as a video repository. LAMbCast will open the door for internet video programmers to tap into a $285 billion dollar yearly ad revenue stream that is currently only reserved for traditional broadcast television.” LambCasts’ goal is to offer industry leading and incredibly innovative software applications to the public that will heighten entertainment and generate revenue for its users.

LAMbCast is availible in free and premium versions. With their affordable premium subscription rate of only $1 per month, LambCast takes pride in their products and services being available to everyone in the world. Beginning December 24, 2006, this amazing application will be available via and also on

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