Tilvid Launched an Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign on April 9

Modesto, CA, April 18, 2015 –(PR.com)– Tilvid.com is an innovative web platform that makes obtaining information fast, simple, and customizable through user-rated and generated informational videos. The Tilvid search function utilizes a user-populated database and returns videos most suited to each individual’s search specifications.

Tilvid aspires to obtain $15,000 in 30 days starting on April 9th. All of the funding will help the company develop a mobile site and app, bring on more team members, and add new site features: SEO, a unique review and comment system, video hosting, and more.

“We believe that the best source of quality information should be easy to find,” said Andrew Main, founder and Chief Operations Officer. “There’s too much information available on the Internet. We want to help others find what they need immediately.”

Backers have numerous incentives for contributing to the Indiegogo Campaign such as a discounted premium membership, unique username badge, merchandise, and access to new features before anyone else.

The Tilvid staff is made up of four entrepreneurs ages 23 to 27. Over 1000+ hours have been put into the company since 2014. At the moment, 150 closed alpha users actively use Tilvid, As of February 2014, 5000+ videos have been uploaded by them and staff.

What gives Tilvid an advantage from other sites is that it uses community engagement to rank videos. Tilvid factored in criteria that users value like: entertainment, visuals, length, usefulness, and so on. That makes searching more efficient, simple, and faster. They believe this will be a useful tool for finding information on any subject, including history, science, cooking, or anything users can imagine.

“We count on community engagement instead of view count or advertisements,” said Erica Woolley, founder and Chief Design Officer. “That’s because we know that the most useful information may not be the most well-known online.”

If you’d like to schedule an interview with the founders, Andrew and Erica, or if you’d like more information, please contact Sara, the PR Director, at: Sara@tilvid.com

Indiegogo URL: http://igg.me/at/tilvid/
Media Kit: http://bit.ly/Tilvid_MediaKit
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