To Increase Your Referrals Don’t Do These Things

Nov. 24, 2006 – Arcadia, CA – November 28, 2006: We set out to find the best systematic way to increase referrals. What our research found are the things people do that hurt their chances of getting the referral.

As we do with most features that we add to our Realty Broker Office software, we research and analyze market segments to find out what people are doing and what works. So when we started implementation of our New Style Referrals feature, we followed this same course and discovered some new and interesting facts.

Here’s how to increase your referrals by not doing certain things:
1. Avoid the “Anyone” Trap. When asking for a referral, don’t say “Is there anyone else…”. This is a closed ended question to which the person is likely to say No -they do not know of “anyone” else.

2. Don’t Go the “Want Services” Route. Asking for who “may want good service” may result in the other person trying to think of somebody who has been asking for your style of handling business. And of course they may not know of anyone.

3. Don’t Nickel and Dime It. Asking for the names of too many people is like asking someone for their rolodex or address book. Don’t try to squeeze every last referral in one request.

A complete list of don’ts and dos are online, click here
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