Tom Prendergast The “big Kahuna” Of The Internet


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Vancouver,B.C. (11 November 2006) from the desk of: John Tar Veretekk Gold Member

Just been on a veretekk conference,and honestly can say -and I don’t easily get impressed- that I’m completely blown away.
Founder and company CEO Thomas Prendergast who is the (Big Kahuna) of the internet, has
opened up to his listeners sharing: his experiencies.Tom Prendergast a seasoned veteran of the art of network life creation,breathing his
God given breath,all talents,and abundant love for the company.The passion,the dedication,naturally his professionalism,are just
a few of the characteristics and depth of his person,has been building veretekk through the last decade.
What is the veretekk portal marketing system is all about,anyway,and what it means to be a part of it? I’ll tell ya:
simply put; imagine yourself having a rocket ship to commute, while the whole world using airplanes as the fastest way of
I can clearly see a missing link between Tom Prendergast’s Veretekk, and most of the network marketers out there.Many of them
has a problem with the understanding of the veretekk marketing system at first glance,it might intimidate some with it’s
complexity. The good news is Tom’s mission is to help marketers to be able to reach their dreams by giving away a complete,
working, silver marketing systems,free for life,that can be used for the promotion of their businesses.
Submit your ads to millioms free,post your free classifieds,have your own selfreplicating search engine,etracking portal,
and the list goes on. Use them individualy,or do yourself a favor,and just get the whole complete system and use it as long
as you like.Have I mentioned that these portals generate verified leads as a by product ,oh and by the way it comes with
online training several times daily,with some of the best trainers on the net,all free for life included in the affiliate
Truly get to know Tom Prendergast,and passion of the “Big Kahuna”,one has gotta be part of veretekk,I see no other way.

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