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Leading product design firm creates ultimate battery bank and charging solution

Miami, FL, May 21, 2015 –(– Keeping all of those electronic devices charged and ready to use is a job all on its own. NFTY PL+S Battery Charger was designed to make everyone’s life a little simpler. This unique and visionary creation solves all charging needs in one handy, compact design. designed by many’s NFTY PL+S is the world’s first truly portable all-in-one charging solution and battery bank for Smart Watches, Smart Phones and Tablet Computers.

“This truly mobile generation is constantly searching for a plug, the right cables, or an outlet to maintain an active lifestyle,” said designed by many founder Lester Mapp. “We’re getting such an overwhelming positive response from our campaign as NFTY’s design addresses the needs of the modern gadget addict in a slim and attractive little package.”

NFTY PL+S works by charging smart devices using a car cigarette lighter, wall outlet, a computer’s USB port and by its built in rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery. Available for pre-order for $45 and $79 once available for retail, NFTY PL+S is expected to ship to backers in Q4 2015. The campaign is available at

NFTY PL+S (pronounced nifty plus) is the first truly portable all in one charging solution and battery bank for smart devices that rolls all of the popular recharging methods into one compact, easy-to-use tool. Instead of carrying a bulky car charger, wall plug and external battery, all anyone needs now is NFTY PL+S and their USB cable.

As access to public outlets is at a minimum, especially in high traffic areas like airports, NFTY PL+S features four USB female connections to charge multiple devices at the same time from the same outlet. A family of four can easily charge four smart devices at the same time without having to fight over which device takes priority. A business traveler can charge their smart phone and tablet before their flight with just one outlet.

When a smart device is fully charged, NFTY PL+S automatically diverts power from the connected device to its built in rechargeable 4000 mAh lithium-polymer battery. NFTY PL+S’ gives users an estimated additional talk time of 3hrs and a standby time of 71 hours in just 35 minutes. NFTY PL+S built in battery takes 90 minutes to recharge and 35 minutes to charge a smart device. *

NFTY PL+S’ external housing is made of polycarbonate composite which makes it lightweight but also built to withstand bumps and drops. At 2.25 inch x 2.25 inch x 1.15 inch, it can fit in a pocket, purse, backpack, glove compartment, or laptop bag without being bulky and noticeable.

Pricing & Timing
designed by many’s Indiegogo project is now live with an expected ship date of late Nov 2015. Rewards start at $19 and are available at

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designed by many is a product design firm located in Miami, FL and is on a mission to bring extraordinary and functional design to Apple accessories. We believe great design does not have to cost a fortune. Our products are designed to be unique, functional and affordable, without sacrificing beauty, quality or style. We believe everything in life can inspire or benefit from great design. For more information, visit

*Results may vary based on make and model of smart device, tested with Apple iPhone 6

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