Top Tips for Tinted Contact Lens Wearers from

Nov. 15, 2006 – With the Christmas party season looming you might want to think about investing in a pair of tinted contact lenses to turn yourself into a blue eyed babe or green eyed goddess!

Although tinted lenses can be a lot of fun, as the FDA warned recently, they need to be looked after carefully as inappropriate usage can cause problems.

That’s why has put together it’s top tips for tinted lens wearers:

1. Only wear tinted lenses if you have been fitted by a professional and have been given detailed wear instructions.

2. Never share your lenses with anyone as this can cause infections, allergic reactions and even blindness.

3. Don’t ever sleep in your tinted lenses as this can sometimes cause corneal ulcers which can impair your vision if left untreated.

4. Don’t ever buy tinted contacts without a prescription.

5. Always wash your hands before inserting or removing your tinted lenses.

6. Always wash your lenses in clean solution

If you have any questions or experience any discomfort from your lenses speak to an optometrist immediately.

— End —