Trade Chinese Yuan against Russian Ruble and Natural Gas against Russian Ruble with IFC Markets

IFC Markets has expanded Personal Composite Instrument (PCI) library, and investors can now trade two additional instruments – &CNHRUB and &NATGAS_RUB. The &CNHRUB PCI reflects the price dynamics of Chinese yuan against the Russian ruble. The share of both currencies has increased significantly in global foreign exchange trading in recent years. From 2010 to 2013 the global foreign exchange trading in yuan almost quadrupled from $34 billion to $120 billion, with yuan becoming the ninth most actively traded currency in 2013, with a share of 2.2% in global FX volumes. At the same time the Russian ruble became the 12th most actively traded currency worldwide with 1.5% in global foreign exchange volumes.
In recent years China and Russia have expanded trade relationships and bilateral trade totaled $89 billion in 2013. As oil prices slumped last year the Russian ruble depreciated sharply, with the USD/RUB increasing almost 100% since the mid of 2014. At the same time the Chinese yuan is growing steadily as the world’s second largest economy continues expanding at rates exceeding the double of average growth rates of developed economies. Investors have an opportunity to trade their knowledge of developments in Chinese and Russian economies to benefit from increased volatility the Russian ruble experienced lately due to dramatic changes in global energy markets.
The &NATGAS_RUB PCI reflects the price dynamics of natural gas, represented by Henry Hub natural gas futures prices, against the Russian ruble. Energy exports, comprised of oil and gas, accounted for 68% of Russia’s total export revenues in 2013, underpinning the Russian ruble. The Russian ruble fell sharply after oil prices collapsed since the mid of 2014 as global demand for energy resources decreased with slowing world economy and expanding oil output by major producers increased the global supply of oil. At the same time the recent boom in North American shale gas production has resulted in lower gas prices, which further vary with seasonal demand patterns. Investors can benefit from fluctuations in Russian ruble and gas prices by trading their knowledge of energy market developments.
To summarize, IFC Markets is continuously increasing the number of personal instruments, thus expanding the variety of the created instruments. Note that besides the instruments, created by analysts, clients can use PCI technology for creating instruments themselves.
About IFC Markets:
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